Trump’s legitimate group refers to video proof of political decision misrepresentation

The Trump legitimate group’s top lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, is highlighting reams of proof that uncover an example of extortion and debasement in the Nov. 3 political decision that he believes was coordinated by leftists in Washington.

He blamed the courts and media for overlooking the proof.

Mr. Giuliani refered to video film and 1,000 sworn oaths validating that trucks, vans and bags brimming with suspect polling forms were sneaked into casting a ballot places in Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The similitudes of the reports of dubious movement at the surveys were no occurrence, he said.

“This was an example that was set by someone in Washington since every other person did it precisely similarly. What’s more, they did it in the warped urban communities,” Mr. Giuliani said on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Prospects.”

They didn’t do it all over,” he said. “They did it in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and Detroit, in Milwaukee, in Atlanta. They went to places where there’s a great deal of debasement and the courts are not actually the most attractive. How about we put it that way.”

“How you can say this is unsupported when there are presently tape after tape after tape?”

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